Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dinner at Karkloof Safari Spa. Meals to remember

Africa's best kept secret?
This stunning property is situated a mere 20 minute drive
from Pietermaritzburg.
Should you wish to fly in from Johannesburg,
Airlink will get you to Oribi Airport in under an hour.
The drive from the airport is 30 minutes,
and that means that you can be enjoying a Spa treatment
in less than 2 hours of leaving Johannesburg!
Karkloof is also only 100km from Durban ICC.

Fine dining in a beautiful setting.
The end to a perfect day, guaranteed.

And the food is spectacular.
Prepared on site by Chef Brett Hackney and his team.

For those who watch Masterchef,
you will be more than impressed with the plating.
Much of the enjoyment in a meal
comes from the visual aspect.

Vibrant colours
as well as perfectly done meat.
An absolutely wonderful way to end of a day
that has been filled with Spa treatments and perhaps a game dive.

Heston would have been proud of this stack of French fries.
Perfectly cooked!
Crisp on the outside and smooth on the inside.

And should you want a beautiful piece of fish,
then Chef Brett can accommodate that request.
The menu also offers a "raw" option,
And for those with certain dietary preferences,
they can be accommodated with ease.

A classic ice cream dessert to end off a meal

However, guests would be remiss if they did not try the cheesecake.
A perfect ending to you meal.
Because of the "timeless" nature of Karkloof Safari Spa,
meals can be served at times that suit the guests.

Hear what the Executive Chef, Brett Hackney

Because of the "timeless" nature of Karkloof Safari Spa,
meals and extra curricular activities can be organized to suit
the needs of the guests.
"Timeless" is a way of life at Karkloof Safari Spa,
and the staff will help accommodate almost any request.

Do come and visit us very soon.
Find out more about what Karkloof has to offer:

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