Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Time to relax and regenerate your soul.

Africa's best kept secret?
This stunning property is situated a mere 20 minute drive
from Pietermaritzburg.
Should you wish to fly in from Johannesburg,
Airlink will get you to Oribi Airport in under an hour.
The drive from the airport is 30 minutes,
and that means that you can be enjoying a Spa treatment
in less than 2 hours of leaving Johannesburg!
Karkloof is also only 100km from Durban ICC.

From the moment that you arrive at the main lodge entrance,
you will start to feel your stress level decrease.
Leaving ALL your concerns and cares at this door,
you enter a space that will allow you the time to reconnect
with your inner self

Guests marvel at the stunning awesome beauty that is Karkloof Falls.
Take time here to contemplate what nature offers.
Feel the spray on your face
as you are surrounded by this majestic sight
and the accompanying sounds

There are several rivers that traverse the property.
Each one offers guests the opportunity to stop
and enjoy the tranquillity.
If only human were like water...
Flowing around or over obstacles,
and not allowing them to heed our progress.

The "flowing water theme" can be found in the main Spa building.
The sound of the trickling water adds to the peace and serenity
that guests can enjoy here.

Bring the outdoors in...
Inclement weather?
No problem...
relax in your Villa while watching the rain fall.

Who can fail to be moved when THIS is the vista
that is overlooked.
This picturesque landscape, with its different shades of green
could almost be a work of art.
Nature is truly wondrous.
Breathe gently and let the silence overwhelm you.
In our modern urban setting, total silence is never an option.
Here at Karkloof Safari Spa, the silence is only shattered
by bird calls and NOT by house or car alarms.

Some of the prestigious awards that Karkloof Safari Spa
has garnered over the last few years.
Including the "Best Safari Spa in Africa"!
It does not get any better than that.

Because of the "timeless" nature of Karkloof Safari Spa,
meals, spa treatments and extra curricular activities
can be organized to suit the needs of the guests.
Take the time to wander the property,
savouring what nature has to offer.
"Timeless" is a way of life at Karkloof Safari Spa,
and the staff will help accommodate almost any request.

Do come and visit us very soon.
Find out more about what Karkloof has to offer:

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