Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What does Lawrence Mlambo, the Karkloof Safari Spa reservations manager have to say?

Karkloof Safari Spa reservations manager
was guest on the "Travel & Things" radio show.
Listen to what he had to say about what this property has to offer.
(His interview starts about 16 minutes into the program)
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The major differential that Karkloof offers is that of timelessness.
If guests are there for one night,
they are able to check in at 08h00 on their arrival day.
And more importantly, they get to check out at 20h00 on departure day!
A total of 36 hours.
Most properties will only allow you to check in at 14h00
 and you have to check out by 11h00 or pay for an extra day.
Which would give you only 20 hours.
Do the math, and your choice is easy.

Don't feel like leaving your Villa?
Who would blame you for wanting to "stay in".
With a Nespresso in each Villa,
perhaps George Clooney will drop by to say hello.

Relax in bed, or sit with your feet up enjoying the view...
Each Villa is individually decorated to the highest standard.

And when it comes to food,
you don't even have to go looking for it...
the staff will gladly bring your meal to you.

At most resorts, breakfast is usually served between
6.30 and about 9.30 and perhaps a little later on the weekend.
But that is the time that you usually eat before going to work.
So why should you have to do so while here...
Breakfast is when YOU wish to partake.
There is NO set time for meals
Breakfast, lunch dinner, you can enjoy them at YOUR leisure.

Recently guests had lunch at 6.00pm.
followed by several hours of Spa treatments.

When they finished at the Spa (at around 11.30pm)
 they decided to sit down for dinner.

And what a dinner it was.
As the Chef lives on the property, it is easy to cook a late night meal.
Not a usual occurrence, but guest requests of this nature can be accommodated.

Some of the prestigious awards that Karkloof Safari Spa
has garnered over the last few years.
Including the "Best Safari Spa in Africa"!
It does not get any better than that.

Because of the "timeless" nature of Karkloof Safari Spa,
meals, spa treatments and extra curricular activities
can be organized to suit the needs of the guests.
Take the time to wander the property,
savouring what nature has to offer.
"Timeless" is a way of life at Karkloof Safari Spa,
and the staff will help accommodate almost any request.

Do come and visit us very soon.
Find out more about what Karkloof has to offer:

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