Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Enjoy a picnic meal at Karkloof Safari Spa

Say "HELLO" to Karkloof Safari Spa in Kwazulu Natal.
This stunning property is situated a mere 20 minute drive
from Pietermaritzburg.
Should you wish to fly in from Johannesburg,
Airlink will get you to Oribi Airport in under an hour.
The drive from the airport is 30 minutes,
and that means that you can be enjoying a Spa treatment
in less than 2 hours of leaving Johannesburg!
Karkloof is also only 100km from Durban ICC.

Trumpeter Hornbills.
One of the more unusual bird species that can be found on the property.
They are the closest that guests will come to an "alarm clock"
in this timeless environment.

Aside from eating at either the Spa or the main lodge,
guests to Karkloof Safari Spa can also opt for a picnic meal.
It can form part of a game drive,
where you can see two of the "Big 5" as well as several plains game species.
In keeping with the excellent service that defines this Safari Spa,
guests are able to wash before settling down to a "fine dining"
picnic experience.

A table with a view...
and a blanket, just in case it gets chilly.
No paper plates or plastic cutlery in sight.
A picnic meal served as it should be.
With a proper linen table cloth and restaurant quality
silverware  and flatware.
A "pick-me-up" for a tired soul.

The sound of running water is soothing,
and vastly different from the sounds of the city
that guests are accustomed to.
Take a while, allow your ears and eyes to become attuned
to the natural beauty and splendour that Karkloof Safari Spa
has to offer

Guests would be able to choose what could be on the menu.
This particular picnic spot is great all year round,
but the staff will offer you other options should you wish for different scenery.

Peace and tranquility with a stunning view.
This might be the ideal place to ask that "special" question.

There is every possibility that a Nyala bull
might stop by to have a look at what might be on the menu.
This particular fellow seems to have a rather inquisitive look on his face.

Because of the "timeless" nature of Karkloof Safari Spa,
a picnic lunch like this can be organized to suit
the guests requirements.
"Timeless" is a way of life at Karkloof Safari Spa,
and the staff will help accommodate almost any request.
Do come and visit us very soon.
Find out more about what Karkloof has to offer:

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