Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wild about the Karkloof Safari Spa.

Say "HELLO" to Karkloof Safari Spa in Kwazulu Natal.
This stunning property is situated a mere 20 minute drive
from Pietermaritzburg.
Should you wish to fly in from Johannesburg,
Airlink will get you to Oribi Airport in under an hour.
The drive from the airport is 30 minutes,
and that means that you can be enjoying a Spa treatment
in less than 2 hours of leaving Johannesburg!
Karkloof is also only 100km from Durban ICC.

At Karkloof, guests are able to enjoy the "timeless" atmosphere,
 the food, the stunning accommodation
and a variety of soul and body cleansing Spa treatments.
They are also able to get up close and personal with the wildlife.
Here a mom and baby warthog look on as a guest walks past

Female Nyala...
These antelope are extremely inquisitive and will stop what they are doing
in order to see if guests are perhaps doing something more "exciting"
There are several groups that live close to the Spa.
They can often be spotted from the treatment rooms,
or grazing on the grass roof of the Spa main building.

One of the iconic African animals,
the it black with white stripes?
Or white with black stripes?
They will often stand and watch the passing game drive vehicle,
not feeling threatened, they will "pose" for photographs.

Top of the Big 5 List...
The Cape Buffalo!
This is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.
Buffalo always look at you as if you owe them money.

The Hippo is responsible for more deaths on the continent
than all of the "Big 5" combined.
That being said, the pod of Hippo in the main dam
are content to enthrall visitors with this type of antic.

Depending on the time of year that you visit Karkloof Safari Spa,
you will be able to spot a variety of youngsters gamboling on the plains.
These are a group of young Wildebeest.

Another icon of the African bushveld...
The White Rhino.
This almost prehistoric looking creature is a firm favourite with guests.
The Rhino at Karkloof Safari Spa can often be found together with the Buffalo.
An unusual combination, but an exciting "spotting".

Because of the "timeless" nature of Karkloof Safari Spa,
meals,a bubble bath can be organized to suit
the guests requirements.
"Timeless" is a way of life at Karkloof Safari Spa,
and the staff will help accommodate almost any request.
Do come and visit us very soon.
Find out more about what Karkloof has to offer:

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